Top 100 wishes Hug Day

  1. On this hug day all, you can just hug one another with a bonus holy kiss.
  2. Even though we are apart, your love always hugs me to give me strength in all my highs and lows. ♥💑 Happy Hug Day♥💑


  3. Honth Keh Nahi Sakte Jo Fasana Dil Ka, Shayad Nazar Se Woh Baat Ho Jaye. Is Umeed Mein Karte Hain Intezaar Raat Ka, Ke Shayad Sapne Mein Mulaqat Ho Jaye ♥💑 Happy Hug Day♥💑


  4. When my arms can’t reach people Who are close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers. May God grant you What ur heart desires and keep you happy. ♥💑 Happy Hug Day♥💑

    best 100 wishes Hug day

  5. ‘Even though I’m away, in my heart
    I’m right by your side.
    And here’s a hug from me
    To say, I love you lots
    Sweetheart! ♥💑 Happy Hug Day♥💑


  6. Plunders is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit.


  7. ‘I didn’t tackle him. I gave him a flying hug. Sometimes love is up in the air until it hits you.’


  8. ‘A hug is not hug till it is warm and little tight Give and take a hug, it’s your birth right. It conveys the affection which you hold inside So let’s hug before it’s banned outright!’

    top 50 images Hug Day

  9. There is one gift in this world giving which is as good as receiving. And I give it to you today. Happy Hug Day!


  10. If a hug could convey how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever. Happy Hug Day!


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